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Attention Parents, and Caregivers!

Unlock customized parenting secrets

Give me just 3 short days, 90 minutes each, and I will show you the with exact strategies to strengthen the connection between parents and children.

You can raise your kids in a unique style, making parenting feel easier. I can help with your kids’ overall development.

Join the 3-day “Parenting Connection” challenge for free!

Workshop: 4th-6th June 2024 7:00 PM Onwards

Shruthi BS Parenting Coach

Do you feel challenged in engaging kids during summer vacation??

Dissatisfied with your kids' final exam performance

Sensing stagnation in modern parenting styles

digital era kids

Facing difficulties in raising kids in this digital era

Managing Difficult Child Behaviors

Aggressive behavior, gadget addiction, lack of interest in studies, backtalk, and stubbornness

Overcome your family's parenting challenges and learn how to foster overall child development in just 3 days.

Heartfelt Connections

Day 1 - Discover how to engage and design summer vacation activities to make handling your kids easier.

Day 2 - Address anxiety and stress about your kids' future and career choices through psychoanalysis.

Day 3 - Learn five strategies to overcome gadget addiction.

Plus, as an early action bonus get:

Bonus 1.

A comprehensive guide on How to Foster Emotional Intelligence in Your Child.

Bonus 2.

A bonus session on How to Establish Positive Discipline Techniques.

Certified Parental Coach

Certified Parental Coach

Shruthi BS

Shruthi, a mother of a teen daughter and born into a joint family, has been practicing hypnotherapy for 8 years, specializing in midbrain activation coaching for kids. Alongside assisting 642 parents through counseling and 1,256 parents in building a strong connection with their kids, she is also a dedicated holistic healer.



Parenting coaches play a crucial role in providing personalized guidance and strategies tailored to address specific family needs. They assist in improving communication between parents and children, offering practical approaches for effective discipline and behavior management. Additionally, parenting coaches serve as a supportive ally, helping parents manage stress and offering encouragement along the way. By creating customized parenting plans aligned with family values, they foster confidence and positive relationships within the family dynamic.

Parenting coaches contribute to a child’s growth by creating emotionally supportive environments and fostering strong emotional intelligence. They enhance communication between parents and children, which aids in cognitive and social development. Through consistent and positive discipline, parenting coaches establish a stable and nurturing atmosphere conducive to optimal child growth.

Coach Shruthi transforms parenting journeys by providing personalized guidance, improving communication, and fostering confidence, thereby creating positive and effective parent-child relationships.

Workshop: 4th-6th June 2024 7:00 PM Onwards

Unlock The Secrets To Empowered Parenting

Overcome your family's parenting challenges and learn how to foster overall child development in just three days. Sign up here and make this summer vacation one filled with cherished childhood memories.

Workshop: 4th-6th June 2024 7:00 PM Onwards

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Personalized Coaching To Transform Your Family Dynamics.


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