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Discover the key to building a happy and strong bond with your child.

Our expert parental coaching turns everyday challenges into opportunities for growth, bringing joy and connection to your parenting journey. Invest in a brighter future for both you and your child today!

Shruthi BS
Shruthi BS Parenting Coach

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Certified Parental Coach

Born into a close-knit joint family in a small village with 23 members, our roots were deeply embedded in a business legacy led by my visionary grandfather. Witnessing the family’s growth from humble beginnings taught me valuable lessons in dedication and business acumen. Despite the material comforts, emotional connections were sparse, with responsibilities neatly compartmentalized…

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The primary issues and challenges that many parents face revolve around

parenting Coach

Financial Pressures

Meeting the high costs associated with raising children.

Technology and Screen Time

Balancing children's exposure to technology.

Parenting Coaching

Work Life Balance

Juggling professional and parenting responsibilities.

Parenting Styles and Conflicts

Differences in approach and potential conflicts.

Mental Health & Well-being

Addressing the emotional and mental health needs of both parents and children. and Anger management for parents and kids

Professional Results

The Best Possible Results

Individualized Support

My coaching revolves around providing personalized support tailored to the unique circumstances of each client. By delving into specific challenges, family dynamics, and aspirations, I craft strategies and solutions that precisely address their needs, ensuring a more effective and meaningful coaching experience.

Empowerment Through Skills

Central to my coaching philosophy is the empowerment of parents through the acquisition of practical skills and effective communication techniques. Whether it's navigating behavioral issues, fostering positive connections, or refining parenting methods, I deliver tangible tools that can be readily applied in day-to-day situations. The aim is to instill confidence and competence, enabling parents to navigate the intricacies of parenthood with success.

Comprehensive Well-being

Going beyond conventional parenting advice, my coaching takes a holistic approach, considering the overall well-being of both parents and children. I address mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, aiming to create a balanced and harmonious family environment. By focusing on the broader spectrum of well-being, my coaching endeavor is to establish a foundation for sustained happiness and success.

Empower your parenting journey

  • 3-day online Parenting Program

    Elevate your parenting journey with personalized 1-to-1 sessions, available both online and offline, addressing your unique challenges and providing practical solutions

  • 3-month online Parenting Program

    Join our comprehensive 3-month online parenting program, designed to empower you with valuable insights and proven techniques for fostering a positive and harmonious family environment.

  • Personalized 1-to-1 Sessions

    Elevate your parenting journey with personalized 1-to-1 sessions, available both online and offline, addressing your unique challenges and providing practical solutions

  • Strengthen your connection and resolve conflicts

    Overcome relationship hurdles through individualized 1-to-1 sessions, offered both online and offline, where you can explore effective strategies to strengthen your connection and resolve conflicts.

  • Counseling and Hypnotherapy

    Navigate the complexities of life with counseling and hypnotherapy, available in both online and offline formats, providing a supportive space to address personal challenges and achieve mental well-being.

  • Reiki and Pranic Healing

    Recharge your energy and promote holistic healing through online and offline sessions of Reiki and Pranic Healing, harnessing the power of energy to restore balance and enhance your overall well-being.


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