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Personalized Coaching To Transform Your Family Dynamics

Shruthi BS Parenting Coach
Certified Parental Coach

Certified Parental Coach

Shruthi BS

Shruthi, a mother of a teen daughter and born into a joint family, has been practicing hypnotherapy for 8 years, specializing in midbrain activation coaching for kids. Alongside assisting 642 parents through counseling, she is also a dedicated holistic healer.


Born into a close-knit joint family in a small village with 23 members, our roots were deeply embedded in a business legacy led by my visionary grandfather. Witnessing the family’s growth from humble beginnings taught me valuable lessons in dedication and business acumen. Despite the material comforts, emotional connections were sparse, with responsibilities neatly compartmentalized.
At 19, I entered a joint family through marriage, becoming a parent at 20. Balancing motherhood with pursuing my MCom, I prioritized parenting over everything else. Despite facing family challenges during my daughter’s early years, I committed to providing her a trauma-free childhood. As my daughter entered school, I embarked on my professional journey while maintaining a delicate work-life balance. My initial dream of raising a super-kid evolved into a passion for psychology and a fervent dedication to parenting. Inspired by my own experiences, I started working with children and soon realized the importance of educating parents in nurturing their kids.
Transitioning from my childhood and parenting experiences, I delved into parenting courses to better support others. Every day, helping parents navigate their unique journeys is a transformative experience. Recognizing that each child is unique, and every parent has their distinct approach, this ongoing journey of growth is my daily
source of inspiration.

Coaching Journey

During my professional journey, I served as a school coordinator for two years and as a lecturer for an additional year. Engaging with a total of 834 students, I dedicated two years to working closely with
slow learners, creating an inclusive and supportive learning atmosphere. My impact extended to 560 kids, guiding them toward overall well-being through specialized mid-brain activation techniques. As an abacus trainer, I’ve shared my expertise with 765 students, helping them grasp the intricacies of this valuable skill.
In the realm of parenting, I proudly hold a four-year certification as a parental coach, where I’ve positively influenced the lives of 1645 parents. Beyond conventional coaching, my approach has
reached the prestigious Karnataka Police Academy, offering a holistic perspective on effective parenting. Furthermore, my skills extend to helping 1645 individuals overcome various challenges, encompassing physical, mental, financial, spiritual, and emotional aspects, employing techniques such as hypnotherapy, Reiki healing, and pranic healing.

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Shruthi BS

Personalized Coaching To Transform Your Family Dynamics.


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